VL-10HP Tax Stamping Machine

High-speed, post-stamping tax machine, perfect for customers looking for the ultimate stamping technology.


The VL-10 HP Tax Stamping Machine is supercharged to 80+ cartons per minute. Perfect for both pre- and post- stamping operations, the VL-10 HP needs no purging or head-height adjustments. Differing carton sizes are now supported by sturdier springs that maintain a longer life than the standard VL-10 springs. An improved dual-head glue and closer system compensates for multiple carton feed directions. The VL-1 O HP’s servo-driven carton indexing system speeds set-up time and drastically limits the need for adjustments. Post-stamping is now fast stamping.


Dual-Direction Flap-Feed

Glues leading or trailing carton flaps

Improved Stamp Cartridge

Consistent roll take-up, solid aluminum casing

Dual-Head Glue System

Precisely applies glue and firmly secures cartons

Servo-Driven Indexing System

Fast set-up and limited adjustments

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Technical Specifications
Pre- and Post- Stamping:

80+ Cartons/Minute

Clearance Length:

11 ‘2″



Maximum Height:



1,700 lbs.

Shipping Weight:

1,900 lbs.


220-230 VAC, 30AMP Single Phase 60Hz


Clean, Dry Air Requirement – 7CFM @ 90PSI

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